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Don't feel like cooking tonight? No need to leave the house to pick up dinner - order family-sized portions of BBQ from 517 BBQ. You can find us on...

Uber Eats

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Tell Your Guests to Follow the Aroma of Smoked BBQ

We set up a smoker on-site when providing catering services in Lansing, MI

The party really starts when the aroma of seasoned brisket, chicken and pulled pork fills the venue. Whether you're hosting an open house, celebrating a wedding or kicking off the new fiscal year with a party, you can count on 517 BBQ to bring the flavor and fun. We offer mobile catering services in Lansing, MI starting at just $150.

Same flavor, different business model

If you ever dined at King of the Grill, you'll be familiar with our cooking. Our family owned and operated that BBQ restaurant in Lansing, MI for years. We opened 517 BBQ in August 2019, bringing over a decade of experience to this venture.

Although 517 BBQ is drive-thru only, you can take our food home to enjoy a home-cooked meal with your loved ones. Swing by our drive-thru BBQ restaurant today.